Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How others see me (or you)?

Could others perception of me assist me in my examination of my self- awareness?
I am pretty self-aware and continue to examine who I am, what I want and if I am happy with me.
Once in college I stopped to rest between classes in a common area and started talking to 3 people about everyday things. At the end of the conversation two of the people said to me; "Wow, you are a nice guy, and pretty darn funny. I always thought you were "stuck up" and kind of an ass"! I was shocked and we talked about why they had perceived me that way. It really screamed to me that others perception and our self-awareness can be quite different. (often for silly reasons that are not truly valid).

Anyway, I was wondering what insights I might achieve if I was able to capture and evaluate how others perceive me? Then I wondered how that might be accomplished? Simply to ask is one way, but then I wonder; will they be completely honest? Since most people don't want to be rude or hurt a persons feelings, probably not. Then I thought maybe a survey or a web site?

So I would like others thoughts on the subject. Please give me your feedback and ideas and Thanks.

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  1. This is quite the task OK; I think your best bet would be based on what you did with the 3 individuals, by talking and making your best assessment on why you may be perceived in a certain way.